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Serve One Tech is an eminent Easy Digital Downloads development company in India, offering forefront solutions in EDD Plugin Development and Easy Digital Downloads Theme Development.Our multifarious services in the field of web design and development include CMS and open source development, WordPress development, WooCommerce development and much more.

Out of the very few budding EDD consultancies in the world, Serve One Tech  has stood out to be the most trusted Easy Digital Downloads customization expert due to its ceaseless efforts to offer nothing less than world class solutions with well-equipped and well-developed design.

EDD Development & Customization

Importance of Easy Digital Downloads Development in Online Business

EDD is a plugin, which adds the functionality of e-commerce to your WordPress website and allows you to sell products online. Whether to use WooCommerce or EDD for your site depends on the answer to just one question; ‘what are you selling?’

If you are selling a physical product which requires shipping, inventory management, and logistics services, then WooCommerce is the best solution for it. If you are selling a digital product such as ane-book, plugins or themes, then use EDD. This is where EDD rocks! It was created for selling digital products, and it does its job extremely well. The following points will tell you why EDD is very important for your online business.

  • There is no term called ‘shipping’ which is going to be involved.
  • Ability to tag a file to a product and deliver that product to the customer online after payment is made in no time.
  • No stock management is required. You have unlimited space to store your stock (files).
  • EDD is simple to use, more straightforward and compatible with a majority of WordPress installations.
  • EDD supports a wide range of extensions with mind blowing functionalities.

Why Choose Us For Easy Digital Downloads Customization?

At Serve One Tech, the custom Easy Digital Downloads Development Services are designed to match your requirements exactly, with additional provisions to add or modify features in the future as well. We strategically plan our projects so as always to deliver before time. Our expertise in the domain and strong management capabilities helps us to track the success of our projects and identify and solve any forthcoming issues beforehand.

Our diligent and highly dynamic WordPress developers use tremendous functionalities to create exceptional add-ons for the EDD plugin. Excellence is always guaranteed by our superior quality software products.

Our Services @ Serve One Tech

We offer the following EDD services, thus providing exceptional e-commerce solutions for your website.

Serve One Tech: Achievements in Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Development

Providing strategic solutions to trigger an exponential growth of client’s business is Serve One Tech’s mission. We have been sustaining in offering only cutting edge solutions till date, thus taking Easy Digital Downloads Development in India to a different level. Our significant accomplishments in our journey so far, are as follows.

  • We are certified and authoritative EDD professionals, whose services are highly recognized in India and around the World.
  • We have developed some of the most popular and highly useful plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads – Order Signature.
  • We have been instrumental in creating innovative customization themes and plugins. Also we can develop payment gateways for EDD.

How Do We Do It?

We have been the most trusted EDD customization service provider in the country and across the world. Our clients love our services due to the following reasons.

  • We evaluate the requirements of our clients with all interest and go ahead with planning, execution and on-time delivery of project with topmost quality.
  • We follow an agile development methodology and implement logical iterations, which reduce the chances of error, thus increasing productivity and saving time.
  • We ensure that our delivered work is 100% flawless by repeated testing until we are satisfied with the results.
  • We promise to offer only excellence in the work, and we are keeping it up to date.

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